Leon Torres- Unjustly Convicted and Imprisoned 28 years ago

“With all this evidence showing I did not commit this crime, I am still powerless to do anything from inside these fences.” – Leon Antonio Torres

Leon Torres after 28 years in prison.

Leon Torres after 28 years in prison.

Leon Torres was convicted of murder and sent away to prison on a life term, of which he has served 28 years.

One witness recanted, the real killer confessed, the main witness against Leon went on to have a lengthy criminal history and court documented insanity, and the cop who pushed the hardest for a conviction married the widow of the murder victim.

Both witnesses against Leon recanted, however the cop threatened the second witness with serious consequence, so he lied again. The witness who finally told the truth was arrested and jailed for perjury.

This campaign is to raise money for a clemency lawyer and other legal expenses, to free Leon and let him live the rest of his life outside a cage.

$60,000 is not an arbitrary number- it is the cost of hiring a clemency lawyer, our goal with this campaign.

Please take a stand for justice and Donate to The Campaign to Free Leon Torres.

It’s his only hope!